For Legal Guardians

Here you will find everything you need to know about getting pierced as a minor

Every customer under the age of 18 must have parental consent to get a body piercing at AlternaDiiva. Customers under the age of 14 (incl.) must have a parent with them. If you're 15–17 years old and you want to come without a parent, please have your parent send us a filled in and digitally signed consent form (download link above).

Download the consent form using the link above. Fill in the form as precisely as possible (indicating the name of the exact piercing if you know it; e.g. tragus, rook, etc.). The parent or legal guardian of the minor must digitally sign the form using an Estonian ID and send it to us at The only exception is international exchange students, whose parents do not have Estonian ID-cards. If this applies to you, please send an email to and we’ll get you sorted!

No, we only accept digitally signed consent forms.

We recommend waiting until your child is at least 9 years old before they have their ears pierced. That is the age at which a child's ears reach the approximate size of an adult's. This means that we can guarantee an easier healing process and that the piercings will be in a good position even after decades of wear. Of course, we are happy to discuss ear piercings for younger children if the child has expressed a desire for ear piercings and understands that the procedure will hurt a little. However, a child must be at least 3 years old to get their ears pierced at AlternaDiiva. Experience shows that younger customers are more prone to issues during healing, e.g. the jewellery may cause sores behind the ears, the ends of the jewellery get lost more frequently and since children are more likely to touch their healing piercings, they are also slightly more likely to experience infections.

While Estonian laws do not set strict age restrictions, we strongly recommend waiting until a child is at least 14 to get piercings that are not as easy to heal as lobe piercings (e.g. cartilage, nose, navel piercings, etc.). However, each child is different and if the parents feel that they are ready for more complicated piercings and can manage with the recommended aftercare, we will happily book an appointment for you and discuss your options.

Due to potential risks, we will only perform bridge and industrial piercings for minors aged 16 and up.

We will only perform the following piercings on adult customers: cheek, dahlia, nipple, surface, snug and genital piercings.

You must also be 18+ to have your ears stretched at AlternaDiiva or install a Dangerous Things implant.

We reserve the right to refuse service in instances where parental consent has been given but the piercer deems the particular service dangerous or ill-advised for a minor.