AlternaDiiva body piercing shop was founded in 2007 and, over the years, has earned a near cult-like status among body piercing enthusiasts in Estonia and its neighbouring countries.

AlternaDiiva’s employees have more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry and are renowned experts in safe body piercing practices.

The shop provides consultations, body piercing curation services, skilled body piercings and boasts a wide selection of body jewellery and fine jewellery.

Meet our staff

Helen Zeider

AlternaDiiva’s founder, Helen, has been body piercing for more than 20 years and is a true legend on the Estonian body mod scene. Her extensive experience means she specializes in more complex anatomies, e.g. inverted nipples, post-op bellies, etc. Helen is also a certified peer support counsellor. Helen loves dogs, Harry Potter, Ed Sheeran’s music and reading.

Sandra Scarlets

Our eternally colourful Sandra began apprenticing with Helen in 2009 and over the years has taken over managing the shop’s social media presence and image. Sandra specializes in ear curations and is our resident biohacker – if you want a Dangerous Things, Walletmor or BeUno implant, Sandra is your gal! Sandra’s hobbies include ceramics, sewing and food history.

Robin Müür

Robin – always good-tempered and kind – is the rock of our team. He joined AlternaDiiva in 2018 and is amazing at working with fearful and younger customers who are still new to body piercings. He will explain every step calmly and answer any question with great detail. In his spare time, Robin likes to play video games and do woodwork.

Johanna-Maria Hints

Johanna is our newest body piercer. She finished her apprenticeship in the spring of 2022 and has impressed us all with how adaptable and quick to learn she is. Johanna loves to try her hand at ear curation projects and also helps Sandra manage the shop’s social media presence. Aside from piercing, Johanna loves spending time in nature and dabbling in various artforms.

Kristi Tui

Kristi joined AlternaDiiva's team in 2022 as our admin, but her warm personality and excellent artistic skills quickly showed us that we need to hire her as an apprentice. Kristi is currently performing simpler piercings and learning to specialize in ear curations. On her days off, Kristi likes playing video games and honing her drawing and design skills.

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